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Who am I?

I'm a guy who has always had the desire to "be my best".  I've learned quite a bit from my failures and my successes. I've owned multiple restaurants then made a change to the legal industry and worked my up to be the CEO of a company that I helped grow from $8 million to $180million.  I also failed in multiple attempts to start various online businesses.


I've always had a passion for staying in shape and being healthy, having abundant energy.   My own health challenges and those of my family and friends sent me on a path to learn as much as I could about health and fitness. When I was young, I thought being healthy was all about how I looked on the outside, I soon realized that it was very possible to look great in the mirror, but then also be in poor health on the inside. 


My faith has been the cornerstone of how I try and live my life.  I've been very disappointed with the modern Christian church and how they teach that the path of following Christ is all about blessings!   I don't believe we need to live in poverty, and I think it is fine to have nice things as long as they are in balance in your life, and you own them vs these "things" owning you. 

I feel like men (especially today) need to be reminded of the original Virtues that made our country great. Derived from Latin, Vivo Virtus translates to "Live with Virtue." It encapsulates the timeless ideals that have guided individuals towards greatness for centuries. We believe that to truly thrive, one must nurture their body, mind, and spirit in harmony. 


Although it's my belief that the path to cultivating these virtues starts with the hard work and discipline you demonstrate to stay strong and fit and eat healthy foods. It's also about cultivating the essence of a life well-lived – a life imbued with COURAGE, HONOR, RESILIENCE, and WISDOM.

If this resonates with you then let's talk. 


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