Who am I?

It's MORE about US......

Before I tell you about who I am, I want to tell you about who I am NOT.


I am not a millionaire.

I don’t live in a mansion.

I don’t drive a Bentley.

I've never reached any high level in sports.

I'm not popular on social media.

I'm not a perfect example of a physical male specimen. 




Then..who am I?


I'm a guy who is now 58 Yrs. old that NEEDS to keep himself motivated.

I've been married for 33 years and still love my wife.

I work out intensely in the gym 5 x per week.

I'm disciplined with my diet and maintain a decent bodyfat %.

I'm on TRT.

I have a right hip replacement

I recently found out that my right shoulder is bone on bone.


I never went to college.

I've had two main careers in my life, Chef/Restaurateur and COO Legal services.

I've been successful in those careers.

I've had extensive hands-on experience with leading teams.

I've also experienced failure with several entrepreneurial ventures.

I live in a nice home, and a few extra bucks in the bank.

I've been seriously tracking my health for the past 8 years, extensive bloodwork, experimenting with supplementation and diets and have learned about how to stay healthy and strong as we age.


 I'm a guy who has learned that the TWO things that have made the biggest difference in my life have been my faith in GOD and my commitment to the GYM. I realized that I NEED to find ways to keep myself motivated, I know that it is way too easy for me to fall off the path. 


Vivo Virtus isn't about me, it's about US it's about the community that we can build together.

Currently, I see two extremes, the people whose God is the gym and their own bodies, fueled by insecurities and ego. Then you have the religious people who boast about faith but have neglected their bodies and are weak.  I know there are people that believe as I do, and I want to bring those people together.  In a selfish way I want to find people to help keep me on the path to pursue my "true strength" for my mind, body and spirit.  We can provide MOTIVATION to each other to help us get much better at achieving our GOALS. 

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