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Resources for Strength

Motivation-Inspiration-Goal Setting

Jocko Willink - Leadership

Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL commander, best-selling author and host of a popular podcast. His books on leadership are some of the best in the world. Lots of great lessons to learn from his podcasts. 

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Mark Hyman, M.D.- Health

There are many resources for "health" today. Many are good, many are bad. I've listened to Mark for years and he has a very balanced, approach to health. Check him out, Podcast is "The Doctors Farmacy"

Mark Hyman.png

Fierce Marriage Podcast - Relationships

Great resource for Christian based guidance on how to keep your marriage on the right track. Podcast by the same name.

fierce marriage.png

Elliott Hulse - Christian Strongman

Elliott is an impressive guy. He built a large following on social media. He started out bringing attention to men needing to get "strong again" He also has a solid faith and belief that can be inspirational to listen to and learn from.


Tu Lam - "The Ronin"

Tu also has an incredible life story. Now a retired Green Beret, owner of a company called "Ronin Tactics" he is a modern-day Samurai.

tu lam.png

Victor Marx - All Things Possible Ministries

Victor Marx has an amazing story of overcoming some incredible life challenges. Please visit his website to learn more. Martial Arts master, Marine, warrior. Today he works to rescue women and children from trafficking. 

Victor pic.png

Patrick Bet-David - Business & Life

Patrick has an amazing story you will have to read. Overcoming many obstacles to building a multi-million-dollar empire in the Insurance and entertainment businesses. Great example of a hard-working Christian man. Lots to learn from this guy! Podcast is PBD podcast. (has several)

PBD pic.png

Dave Asprey - life Biohacker

Dave is the founder of the Bulletproof company. Now his podcast is called "The Human Upgrade" Great resource to stay informed on the latest "hacks" for all areas of your life. 


David Goggins - Navy Seal, Ultramarathon Athlete

David has an incredible story of resilience, strength and an example of what our bodies and do if we have the "will" to not give up. I don't know about David's faith, but you will learn from him and be inspired.


Chadd Wright - Navy Seal, Ultrarunner, Man of faith

Chadd is another guy with a powerful life story. He is a great source for inspiration and one of his sayings is "don't give pain a voice" He has a company 3 of 7 Project that exposes people to running and how to build their resilience and faith. 

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